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Jul 17

First Blog Post: What sparked FiAir?

In a word: Impatience

I love the taste of charcoal grilled food, but hated waiting for the coals to turn white so I could start cooking. That became a real problem when the kids were young and every time we grilled, there came the repeated mantra: Is it ready yet?

We switched to a gas grill to quiet the kids and speed things up, but taste went down the tubes.

Same deal with our fireplaces. We really loved a real wood fire on a cold winter’s night, but hated the time it takes to get it going and keep it at full blaze. 

One night, I was having an especially hard time starting a fire. I finally resorted to blowing on it until I hyperventilated. As I lay recovering on the hearth, I yelled in frustration: "Why is this so hard? All it needs is AIR! 

So I grabbed our hairdryer from the bathroom, turned it on low and aimed it at the kindling. Wow. It worked almost TOO well! 

I know I'm not the first to try this trick, but it got me thinking — air really is all it takes, right? Why not make a “hairdryer”— without the heating element (no heat, no power cord) — that can direct a controlled, continuous flow of air to fire from a safe distance? Make it elegant, affordable, portable and battery powered and we’re in business. I WANTED ONE!  So I set about finding one.

I looked at every catalog that came in the mail, searched websites and roamed through every store I could think of that might carry a product to feed fires like the one I had in mind. I even bought some of them. None had the combination of features I envisioned. I wanted a sleek, lightweight, handheld tool with a battery-powered motor to create continuous airflow. Existing blowers either required users to blow into a tube, crank by hand or plug into an electric power source. I decided I'd have to make it myself.

We've been shipping over a year now and the response has been very gratifying.

I'm starting this blog to share the mountain of information I've gathered while developing FiAir and bringing it to market. Some of the topics I'll be covering:

    • Using FiAir - best practices, tips and tricks
    • How FiAir changes the Charcoal vs Gas debate
    • Grilling vs BBQ (smoking)
    • Natural Wood Lump Charcoal vs Briquettes
    • Novel ways to start a campfire
    • Ways to organize your coals
    • Fire starters to use with FiAir
    • How FiAir can help Competitive BBQers
    • Cooking for a crowd
    • Recipes, recipes, recipes
    • Other topics as the spirit moves me

I begin this blog to inform and entertain. 
Please visit often, comment freely and let me know what's on your mind.

Alan i Harris
Founding Member and FiAir Chief
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