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Oct 29

What my Dad taught me about starting a fire

Many years ago my Dad taught me the state of the art of starting a fire.

Living in Pittsburgh It usually involved folding several pages of newspaper and waving it like a fan at the coals. My Dad explained that he was fanning air into the coals because all a fire needs to grow is the oxygen in our air.

OK. Got it. 

That was the state of the art when I was a kid. And it stayed that way for decades.

I'm a pretty impatient person so waiting for a charcoal grill to be up to cooking temp or waiting for the wood in our fireplace to catch were never my idea of fun. 

I even gave up charcoal grilling when our kids were young and switched to propane. Ugh. It was faster than the 20-30 minutes I used to wait for charcoal, but the flavor just wasn't there. I finally switched back to charcoal once I developed FiAir. I was never able to cook immediately with my gas grill. It usually took 7 minutes or so go heat up the box and grilling grate. With FiAir, I'm usually cooking in 8-12 minutes, so I don't feel like I'm very far behind people who grill with gas. I now have the State of the Art in my hand at my charcoal grill -- and that IS my idea of fun.

With our wood fireplaces, I now just ball up several pages of newspaper and FiAir gets the logs blazing in just a couple of minutes. Compared to bending, waving and blowing FiAir turns that chore into more fun. I love the sights and sounds of a real wood fire in the fireplace — especially when I can start it so fast without the bending. Yeeha! 

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