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Aug 13

FiAir got a Patent from the USPTO!

Yes - we're pretty excited about this!

It means the US Patent and Trademark Office thought our inline point-n-shoot Design was innovative enough to receive a big Thumbs Up from people who's opinion counts.

It's in our News section, but we want to crow about it in our blog, too:

Pittsburgh, PA August 13, 2015  

FiAir LLC was notified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that a patent bearing Letters Patent No. Des. 0733,686 was granted for the FiAir® blower on July 7, 2015.

Billed as “the handy little blower to feed your fires,” FiAir entered the fire tools and accessories market in June 2013 and has shipped to users in 48 States and 41 Countries.

FiAir was awarded the Patent based on its innovative in-line, point-n-shoot Design. All other blowers use a handle of some kind to contain the power supply and other components. To minimize weight and maximize portability and ease of use, FiAir LLC engineered its blower without a handle, aligning battery tray, fan blade, motor, switch and wiring within the cylinder while allowing ample airflow to feed wood and charcoal fires.

“We took some simple laws of physics and clever engineering to create a streamlined, truly portable tool,” says FiAir LLC founder Alan i Harris. “All a fire really needs to grow is oxygen and we deliver it continuously with a push of a button. FiAir’s fan blade sucks in cool air from the rear, rushes it through the cylinder, then restricts the flow through a tapered tip that increases air speed. Using steady airflow to kindle flames or shorter bursts to raise temps or spread hot spots, FiAir gives users complete control over the speed, strength and temperature of their fires.”

FiAir works with all fires; both wood and charcoal – indoors and out.

FiAir takes wood fires from first light to full blaze in about 2 minutes.

No matter how you light your charcoal, FiAir brings coals from first light to cooking temp in half the time of traditional methods: typically just 8-12 minutes.

FiAir’s speed may change the debate over Charcoal vs. Gas grills because it still takes 5-7 minutes before a gas grill is really ready to cook and FiAir also brings greater temperature control to charcoal grilling and BBQ.

FiAir is made in America and measures 9.2” in length, 2.25” in diameter and weighs 5.6 ounces. The blower is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) and has an MSRP $24.99 and comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.

About FiAir LLC

FiAir LLC is the developer and sole provider of FiAir®, a portable, battery-powered blower that feeds and speeds charcoal and wood fires at the grill, tailgate party, fire pit, wood stove, fireplace or campsite. Its lightweight, compact design and battery-powered operation make FiAir the first and only truly portable, hand-held, indoor-outdoor blower on the grill and fireplace accessories market. For more information about FiAir, to order or become a reseller, please visit FiAir LLC is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Alan i Harris
Founding Member & FiAir Chief
(412) 687-5700