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Nov 03

Can I use Charcoal Lighter Fluid with FiAir?

You can use Charcoal Lighter Fluid, but if you do, use it sparingly.

There was a time when the only solution for starting a charcoal fire was Charcoal Lighter Fluid.
There are videos on youtube where people absolutely drench the charcoal with charcoal lighter fluid before lighting. There seems to be an element of glee, especially when the coals are lit and the lighter fluid blazes to life almost burning the eyebrows of the griller. Funny, but dangerous. There are two big things wrong with this picture.

  • Charcoal lighter fluid is a petroleum accelerant that is harmful to our environment
  • Charcoal lighter fluid can leave a nasty flavor in your food

Many believe the fluid will burn off by the time you're ready to cook. That is certainly a possibility if you don't overdo it. But the way most people pour on the fluid, the foul taste is almost inevitable. And never add more charcoal lighter fluid to a lit fire. You may lose more than your eyebrows.

All a fire really needs to grow is the oxygen in our air

FiAir delivers that at the push of a button.
But FiAir needs flames (or at least embers) so it has something to work on.

The good news is that these days there are lots of terrific options to choose from that are both environmentally safe AND don't mess with the flavor of your food. Here are just a few...
  • Starter sticks
  • Starter gels

If you just want to play with fire, how about doing it safely w fiair

Again, if you are going to use charcoal lighter fluid, use just enough to get the coals lit and let FiAir do the rest.

Using FiAir on lit wood or charcoal is the most eco-friendly and fastest way to get charcoal to cooking temp and wood to full blaze. 

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