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FiAir Launches Made-in-America Fire Tool on Flag Day

The first and only truly portable, point-and-shoot blower for rapid kindling of wood and charcoal fires begins shipping June 14!

FiAir LLC announces first shipments of FiAir, a new hand-held, battery powered blower for rapid kindling of charcoal and wood fires. Shipments to pre-order customers begin June 14, 2013 with delivery to U.S. consumers in time for Father’s Day and Fourth of July cookouts.

At just over 9” inches long and weighing under 6 oz., FiAir is the only hand-held, battery-powered blower on the grill and fireplace accessories market that is truly portable and equally appropriate for use with charcoal and wood, indoors and out. FiAir also contrasts with competitive products in its hand-held, point-and-shoot operation and use of a battery-powered motor to create continuous airflow, differing from products that require users to blow into a tube, crank by hand or plug into an electric power source.

Fired Up for America

Company founder Alan i Harris says that launching FiAir shipments on Flag Day is the perfect symbol of his company’s uncompromising determination to produce FiAir in the United States.

“We predicted June 17 as our first ship date, but a last minute sprint by our American manufacturer put us ahead of schedule. What could be more appropriate than a Flag Day launch for a product that will help boost U.S. manufacturing? Now grill chefs, tailgaters, BBQ teams, campers and other Keepers of the Flame can buy a terrific little tool that feeds fires AND American workers.”

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