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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most common problem people have with FiAir?

FiAir is a simple, low-tech device.

Almost all problems are related to Batteries.

People will say "it's not very powerful," "there's not much airflow," "not enough air."

As much as people are sure they put the batteries in the proper orientation, installing batteries improperly is the single most common reason for poor airflow.

The second most common problem is using under-powered batteries. These would include batteries from the junk drawer that "probably still have some power left" and using Rechargeable Batteries.

Can I put the tip of FiAir directly into the fire?

It is NEVER necessary — or advisable —
to place FiAir in DIRECT CONTACT with flames. 

FiAir’s tiny, yet powerful motor & fan and tapered tip allow you to direct airflow with pinpoint accuracy from a safe distance.

That distance may be as little as an inch when kindling a fresh fire —


or up to 3-5 feet when stoking a full blaze.

Your hand will feel the heat before FiAir 

FiAir is made from ABS Plastic which can withstand temperatures up to 221°F / 105 °C before beginning to melt. So, as long as you don't put the tip directly INTO FLAMES, FiAir won't feel the heat. In all our tests, FiAir's tip has never felt more than slightly warm.

If it seems FiAir is not producing enough airflow, it's probably time to change batteries — or check to make sure you are using name brand alkaline batteries and NOT rechargeables.
Also check to make sure the batteries are installed in the correct orientation.


Can I use charcoal lighting fluid when I use FiAir on my grill?

You can, but if you do, use it sparingly.

All a fire really needs to grow is oxygen and FiAir delivers that at the push of a button.
Since petroleum accelerants can be harmful to the environment and leave a nasty taste on your food, you may want to try some other starter alternatives. There are many fine fire starters on the market today that are environmentally safe and don't mess with the flavor of your food.

But, again, if you do use charcoal lighting fluid, use just enough to get the coals lit and let FiAir do the rest.

Using FiAir on lit wood or charcoal is the most eco-friendly and fastest way to get charcoal to cooking temp and wood to full blaze. 

Do you ship to both U.S. and international addresses?


Shipping within the United States is FREE.

Our order page calculates the shipping and handling charges to international addresses upon checkout. Because shipping abroad can be quite costly, however, we are now working with resellers in a number of countries to provide FiAir locally and save on shipping for our customers. This can be a long process, but as these arrangements are finalized, more and more international customers will be directed from the order page to the appropriate reseller.

Does FiAir come with batteries?

Sorry — batteries NOT included.

In order to make FiAIr powerful yet small and portable, we chose 3 AAA batteries for the power supply. However, to keep FiAIr affordable, we cannot include  batteries.

What kind of batteries should you use?

For best performance and longest life, we recommend a name brand alkaline battery i.e. Energizer. These are rated at 1.5 volts each. DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. Check the rating and you'll see they top out at 1.3 volts. That's a pretty big sacrifice in power for re-usability.

How many fires will FiAir feed with each set of AAA batteries?

It's a hard call, but FiAir should kindle and stoke about 8-10 fires before requiring fresh batteries.

Extensive battery tests say you'll get about 50 minutes of good use before the batteries become too weak to drive sufficient airflow. Our estimate of 8-10 fires is based on a cumulative total of about 5 minutes of FiAir per fire and at least one overnight rest for the batteries to recover. Batteries work very hard to get so much airflow through such a small device.

Your results will vary depending on:

  • how often you use FiAir
  • the type of fuel you're using (charcoal is more demanding than wood)
  • how long you need to keep the fire going
  • what type and amount of food you're cooking
  • outside temperature (chemical reactions happen more slowly in cold temperatures)
FiAir is fun and very easy to over use!
Kind of like Miles Per Gallon in your car.

If you have a heavy foot and peel out from every stop light, your MPG won't be so good. With FiAir, if you have a heavy thumb and want to keep adding air to the fire just for the fun of it, you'll get shorter battery life (and use more fuel). So, take the time to learn how YOU need use FiAir for your purposes and adjust accordingly. FiAir is a serious tool meant to add ease and enjoyment to the task of fire making. So Enjoy!

How will heat from the fire affect FiAir?

Not at all, unless you :

  1. drop it into the fire
  2. keep it too close to the heat for too long!

We mentioned this above, but it's a common question.

The entire unit, including the tip, is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic — a strong, durable production-grade thermoplastic used in many industries for products that require superior hardness, toughness and ability to accept a variety of finishes. Most of the plastic products you handle every day are made from ABS. Technically, ABS has no true melting point, but its glass transition temperature is approximately 221°F or 105 °C. In practical terms, that means, unless you have a high pain threshold, your hand will feel the heat first and you'll reflexively pull your hand away well before the fire becomes hot enough to affect FiAir.

If you should happen to melt the tip, we can provide a replacement. Just contact us at or 412 687 5700.

Note to Gloved Users:

If you wear a glove while using FiAir, you won't be able to feel the heat on your hand. So, please use special caution to avoid holding it too close to the heat for too long!

If I have a charcoal chimney, does it make sense also to use FiAir?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s the perfect combo!

Chimneys are great for getting charcoal going fast.
Crumble up some newspaper or put a paraffin cube underneath a chimney full of charcoal, light it up & walk away and your chimney will have your coals ready in about 20 minutes. We couldn't help trying FiAir with a chimney to see if it could make fast even faster. It did.

We waited a few minutes to get it going the usual way and then shot some long bursts of FiAir through the holes in the bottom and side of the chimney. Wow — what a difference! Instant activity. Toward the end you can aim straight down the top of the chimney and create some neat fireworks as the temperature climbs. You should be ready to dump the chimney in about 7.5 minutes if you're in a real hurry. It's your show.

It isn't always necessary to rush things when you're grilling. The nice thing about FiAir, especially when using a chimney, is the flexibility and control you have over your fire. Timing is everything. Sometimes you want to get a fire going fast just for fun. Other times, you're just not in a hurry, perhaps because the food isn't ready for the grill or you're still waiting for everyone to show. Other times (could be just after your guests arrive and are hungry NOW), speed is of the essence. You just got home and the kids are wondering "when do we eat?" FiAir gets the fire ready for cooking when YOU decide.


How you use your chimney depends on how many you're cooking for.

Some people dump a chimney onto the fuel grate and are ready to cook.
When you dump the coals, spread them out and put on the grilling grate to heat up. Just aim right down through the grate give them another hit of FiAir to bring the coals up to searing temperature, if that's what you need.

But most people know that a chimney full of burning coals won't be enough to cook more than a couple of steaks, dogs or burgers. If you're cooking for a lot of people, the chimney is just the beginning. You need to add more charcoal on top of the burning coals to have enough fuel to cook for everyone. Use FiAir again to catch the new coals and be ready to cook in another 10-15 minutes.

You'll find some videos about using FiAir with a chimney here on our site.


Is FiAir covered by any kind of warranty?


Our Limited Warranty guarantees FiAir to be free from all defects in material and workmanship in normal use for one (1) year from date of purchase by the end-user. Save your original sales receipt as proof of purchase to validate the start of the warranty period.

And by the way --
We hope you'll subscribe to our Embers newsletter to stay up to date on everything FiAir.
If you decide to order one, then we urge you to subscribe in order to get the most from your purchase.

When can I expect my package once it ships?

If you place an order within the Continental US, you can expect the following shipping timelines:

Continental US Street - Standard USPS Shipping (3 - 5 business days)
Continental US PO Box - Standard USPS Shipping (3 - 5 business days)

If you are a resident of the United States but located outside of the Continental US, you can expect the following delivery times:

Alaska and Hawaii - Standard USPS Shipping (3 - 7 business days)
US Protectorates - Standard USPS Shipping (4 - 8 business days)
APO/FPO - Standard USPS Shipping (18 - 32 business days)

If you are a resident of Canada, you can expect the following delivery times:

Canada · Standard · (5 - 10 business days)

If you reside outside of the United States and Canada, you can expect the following delivery times:

Europe - Standard International Shipping (10 - 20 business days)
Asia - Standard International Shipping  (10 - 16 business days)
Outside US, Eur., CA, Asia - Standard International Shipping  (10 - 25 business days)

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