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If I have a charcoal chimney, does it make sense also to use FiAir?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s the perfect combo!

Chimneys are great for getting charcoal going fast.
Crumble up some newspaper or put a paraffin cube underneath a chimney full of charcoal, light it up & walk away and your chimney will have your coals ready in about 20 minutes. We couldn't help trying FiAir with a chimney to see if it could make fast even faster. It did.

We waited a few minutes to get it going the usual way and then shot some long bursts of FiAir through the holes in the bottom and side of the chimney. Wow — what a difference! Instant activity. Toward the end you can aim straight down the top of the chimney and create some neat fireworks as the temperature climbs. You should be ready to dump the chimney in about 7.5 minutes if you're in a real hurry. It's your show.

It isn't always necessary to rush things when you're grilling. The nice thing about FiAir, especially when using a chimney, is the flexibility and control you have over your fire. Timing is everything. Sometimes you want to get a fire going fast just for fun. Other times, you're just not in a hurry, perhaps because the food isn't ready for the grill or you're still waiting for everyone to show. Other times (could be just after your guests arrive and are hungry NOW), speed is of the essence. You just got home and the kids are wondering "when do we eat?" FiAir gets the fire ready for cooking when YOU decide.


How you use your chimney depends on how many you're cooking for.

Some people dump a chimney onto the fuel grate and are ready to cook.
When you dump the coals, spread them out and put on the grilling grate to heat up. Just aim right down through the grate give them another hit of FiAir to bring the coals up to searing temperature, if that's what you need.

But most people know that a chimney full of burning coals won't be enough to cook more than a couple of steaks, dogs or burgers. If you're cooking for a lot of people, the chimney is just the beginning. You need to add more charcoal on top of the burning coals to have enough fuel to cook for everyone. Use FiAir again to catch the new coals and be ready to cook in another 10-15 minutes.

You'll find some videos about using FiAir with a chimney here on our site.



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