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How will heat from the fire affect FiAir?

Not at all, unless you :

  1. drop it into the fire
  2. keep it too close to the heat for too long!

We mentioned this above, but it's a common question.

The entire unit, including the tip, is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic — a strong, durable production-grade thermoplastic used in many industries for products that require superior hardness, toughness and ability to accept a variety of finishes. Most of the plastic products you handle every day are made from ABS. Technically, ABS has no true melting point, but its glass transition temperature is approximately 221°F or 105 °C. In practical terms, that means, unless you have a high pain threshold, your hand will feel the heat first and you'll reflexively pull your hand away well before the fire becomes hot enough to affect FiAir.

If you should happen to melt the tip, we can provide a replacement. Just contact us at or 412 687 5700.

Note to Gloved Users:

If you wear a glove while using FiAir, you won't be able to feel the heat on your hand. So, please use special caution to avoid holding it too close to the heat for too long!


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