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How many fires will FiAir feed with each set of AAA batteries?

It's a hard call, but FiAir should kindle and stoke about 8-10 fires before requiring fresh batteries.

Extensive battery tests say you'll get about 50 minutes of good use before the batteries become too weak to drive sufficient airflow. Our estimate of 8-10 fires is based on a cumulative total of about 5 minutes of FiAir per fire and at least one overnight rest for the batteries to recover. Batteries work very hard to get so much airflow through such a small device.

Your results will vary depending on:

  • how often you use FiAir
  • the type of fuel you're using (charcoal is more demanding than wood)
  • how long you need to keep the fire going
  • what type and amount of food you're cooking
  • outside temperature (chemical reactions happen more slowly in cold temperatures)
FiAir is fun and very easy to over use!
Kind of like Miles Per Gallon in your car.

If you have a heavy foot and peel out from every stop light, your MPG won't be so good. With FiAir, if you have a heavy thumb and want to keep adding air to the fire just for the fun of it, you'll get shorter battery life (and use more fuel). So, take the time to learn how YOU need use FiAir for your purposes and adjust accordingly. FiAir is a serious tool meant to add ease and enjoyment to the task of fire making. So Enjoy!


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