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Can I put the tip of FiAir directly into the fire?

It is NEVER necessary — or advisable —
to place FiAir in DIRECT CONTACT with flames. 

FiAir’s tiny, yet powerful motor & fan and tapered tip allow you to direct airflow with pinpoint accuracy from a safe distance.

That distance may be as little as an inch when kindling a fresh fire —


or up to 3-5 feet when stoking a full blaze.

Your hand will feel the heat before FiAir 

FiAir is made from ABS Plastic which can withstand temperatures up to 221°F / 105 °C before beginning to melt. So, as long as you don't put the tip directly INTO FLAMES, FiAir won't feel the heat. In all our tests, FiAir's tip has never felt more than slightly warm.

If it seems FiAir is not producing enough airflow, it's probably time to change batteries — or check to make sure you are using name brand alkaline batteries and NOT rechargeables.
Also check to make sure the batteries are installed in the correct orientation.



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